Battery Storage

Absaar Battery Storage Solutions:
Scalable Solutions for All Your Energy Needs

Absaar’s range of solar inverters, including grid-tied, hybrid, and off-grid models, ensure efficient conversion of DC power from PV modules into AC power. These inverters not only support direct feed-in of renewable energy into the power grid but also offer advanced energy storage and distribution options.


From a small off-grid cabin to larger multi-family homes, we cover it all with our products. Absaar solar inverters are perfect for various solar power systems, ensuring reliable and efficient energy management.

Absaar inverters provide dependable solutions for maximizing solar energy and supporting sustainable energy generation.

High Voltage Battery Storage PX2500

Available in 7,68 kWh/10,24 kWh/12,8 kWh/15,36 kWh/17,92 kWh/20,48 kWh/23,04 kWh/25,6 kWh

The PX2500 is a high-voltage LiFePO4 battery solution with single modules rated at 51.2V 50Ah 2.56kWh. We recommend configurations of 3 to 10 layers, paired with 380V 3-phase inverters, typically between 8-15KW. Our cobalt-free Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) batteries ensure maximum safety, life cycle, and power. Suitable for on-grid or hybrid on and off-grid solar energy storage systems, the PX2500 optimizes self-consumption for residential and commercial applications. Its modular design simplifies transport and installation.

Home Battery Storage BK05

Available in 5,12 kWh

The BK05 Lithium Battery is designed specifically for energy storage systems. With an ultra-thin design of only 90mm thickness, it takes up minimal space and integrates seamlessly into home environments. This compact, maintenance-free battery can be installed in parallel to increase capacity, making it ideal for home applications, as well as small commercial and industrial energy storage systems.

Home Wall-mount Battery Storage PA05

Available in 5,12 kWh

The Wall-mount Battery Storage is a 5kWh 51.2V 100Ah LiFePO4 lithium battery solar energy storage system. Utilizing the latest Home Energy Storage System (HESS) technology, it combines fashionable design with high energy and power density, a long service life, and easy installation and expansion. This environmentally friendly backup power system uses phosphates instead of cobalt, minimizing environmental concerns and reducing production costs.

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